This is Kvit, a shrilling alarm hoping to wake someone up from the big sleep of today. Drawing from a wide range of genres this Swedish alternative rock band combines restless vocals and howling guitars, spanking drums, gnarling bass and sweeping synths and makes for a great soundtrack of the collapse. Kvit wants to encourage dialogue; on death as it is the only way to grasp life, on the end as it is the only way to begin, on separation as it is the only way to unite, on oppression as it is the only way to revolution.

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Today could be EP - out 10/03/17

“The strategic adversary is fascism... the fascism in us all, in our heads and in

our everyday behavior, the fascism that causes us to love power, to desire the very thing that dominates and exploits us.” ― Michel Foucault


Political power has evolved from a viewable power seen in the hands of the

elite to a more effective one internalized by the controlled masses. The power

is upheld by ourselves, the oppressed. This power doesn’t need any judges our prisons. We are the judges and we contain ourselves and others in the prison

of our everyday life. We turn against everyone not behaving in the conformed manner demanded by the discourse of our time and compel ourselves to conformity in fear of the judgement of others. But, if we are the keepers of the power oppressing us, then also we must hold the power to liberate.

“Today could be” is about just that. We have to acknowledge our part,

“the fascism in us”. We have the power to liberate but that has to be a collective act. We have to put aside our court dress and come together in true dialogue. “Today could be the day”.


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Linus, Dan and Niklas first met at high school in

2002 and started the band Quench. After years of touring and a bunch of releases music evolved and when Robert (Trampstamp and Fifarock) joined in 2012 they felt the need for a new start. And so Kvit was born. But as life interfered the band was soon forced into hibernation. In fall 2016 Kvit was born again with the release of Earth to earth EP. In march 2017 Kvit is releasing Today could be EP and with it a music video for the title track.

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